Signal to Noise

Still from Siniestro del Jefe by Anibal Bley, 2015

Edge of Frame: Signal to Noise
6:00pm Friday 7th April 2017
Birmingham Midland Institute
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As part of Flatpack Festival’s Optical Sound strand, Edge of Frame presents a selection of independent and experimental animation exploring sound and music in diverse and innovative ways. Featuring animators making music, abstraction and noise, songs sung badly and beautifully, and a rare 16mm screening of Barry Spinello’s 1969 Soundtrack made with hand-painted image and hand-painted sound.


Afterimage Selves
Sabrina Ratté, Canada 2014, 4’00

Jonathan Hodgson, UK 1982, 6’00

Ode to Lumpy
Lilli Carré, USA 2014, 4’00

Siniestro del Jefe
Anibal Bley, Chile 2015, 5’00

Amy Lockhart, USA 2014 5’00

Information Suite
Jonathan Gillie, UK 2017, 3’00

Run Wrake, UK 1994, 5’00

Soundtrack (16mm)
Barry Spinello, USA 1969, 10’00

Emily Hubley, USA 1993, 5’00

Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting (16mm)
Vicky Smith, UK 2014, 3’00

Peter Burr, USA 2014, 10’00

Let Your Light Shine
Jodie Mack, USA 2013, 3’00