Edge of Frame Screenings at DIY Space for London

30th June / 14th July / 26th July 2016


The first Edge of Frame screening events took place over June and July 2016 at DIY Space for London. These three screenings focused on the intersection between animation, experimental film and artists’ moving image. Each event featured a guest artist who presented their work with a Q&A, alongside a programme of films connecting to the themes and processes of the guest artist’s work.

Thursday 30th June 2016
Jordan Baseman is a visual artist, filmmaker and Head of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. His practice combines creative non-fiction and interview-based works with hand-processed film and stop motion techniques. Jordan showed a selection of his work followed by a Q&A. Preceding this was a programme of films curated by Edge of Frame, connecting to the ideas of experimental documentary, moving image portraiture and abstraction that run through Jordan’s work.
Programme of films:
Reach by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore (2014)
I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining by Jesse McLean (2015)
Rituals by Isabelle Aspin (2015)
Alberta by Dan Browne (2014)
Holland, Man. by Aaron Zeghers (2015)
The October Sky by Chris Clarke (2015)
Blackout by Jordan Baseman (2016)
The Last Walk by Jordan Baseman (2011)
Skin Colored Chairs by Jordan Baseman (2013)


Thursday 14th July 2016
Chris King uses electronic video and audio synthesis techniques to perform live visual music. His blog Video Circuits explores early abstract and synthetic image making practices. Chris performed a live audio-visual set followed by a Q&A. Preceding this was a programme of films curated by Edge of Frame, channeling patterns of interference and compression, analogue disruption and televisual overdose, with works ranging across electronic media, digital animation, remixed found footage and hand-drawn visual music.
Programme of films:
Afterimage Selves by Sabrina Ratté (2014)
Security Anthem by Kent Lambert (2003)
(I) FRAME by Karissa Hahn and Andrew Kim (2016)
Quilt by Amy Lockhart (2013)
Tosse Not My Soule by Sebastian Buerkner (2015)
Exosensr by Brenna Murphy (2012)
Special Effect by Peter Burr (2013)
Building on a Detail by Jonathan Gillie (2015)
Let Your Light Shine by Jodie Mack (2013)
Live audio-visual performance by Chris King


Tuesday 26th July 2016
Vicky Smith is an artist filmmaker and co-founder of BEEF film and sound collective, based in Bristol. She is currently co-editing a publication on experimental and expanded animation with Nicky Hamlyn. Vicky presented a selection of her works on 16mm film followed by a Q&A. This was followed by a programme of films curated by Edge of Frame, exploring connections between the body, nature and the material of film.
Programme of films:
Stacking by Vicky Smith (2006) (16mm print)
Bicycle Tyre Track by Vicky Smith (2012) (16mm print)
Noisy Licking Dribbling and Spitting by Vicky Smith (2014) (16mm print)
Primal by Vicky Smith (2016) (16mm print)
Night Sounding by Kayla Parker (1993) (16mm print)
Mothfight by Vanda Carter (1985) (16mm print)
Gravure by Bea Haut (2013) (16mm print)
Notes from the Interior by Ben Balcom (2015)
Sky Heart by Sky David (FKA Dennis Pies) (1988)
What She Wants by Ruth Lingford (1994)
Markings 1-3 by Eva Kolcze (2011)
A Storm is Brewing by Ian Helliwell (2014)
Out of Sight by Karolina Glusiec (2014)
Roost by Amy Kravitz (1998)

All programmes curated by Edwin Rostron

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