Edge of Frame Presents: Water and Power by Pat O’Neill

As part of Flatpack Festival’s In The Cut event, Edge of Frame presents an installation of Water and Power by Pat O’Neill. This hypnotic, hallucinatory masterpiece focuses on Los Angeles and the desert created by its vast water consumption. Water and Power is a visually stunning meditation on industrialisation, and an experimental tour de force.

In The Cut
7:00pm Saturday April 8th, 2017
The Roundhouse, Birmingham
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The Roundhouse is a striking horseshoe-shaped building at the heart of Birmingham’s canal network, with a long history of serving as a wharf, stables and more recently offices. Large parts of it have lain dormant for some years, and now the National Trust and the Canal and River Trust have exciting plans for its renewal. This selection of moving image works has been tailored to this unique building. The programme includes:

Water and Power (presented by Edge of Frame)
Pat O’Neill, USA 1989

Hund & Horn, Austria 2011

The Watershow Extravaganza
Sophie Michael, UK 2016

Duncan Poulton, UK 2016

Free Radicals
Patrick Goddard, UK 2013

Joe Hamilton, Australia 2014

Works will be showing in a range of spaces throughout the night. A temporary bar will be running in the stable area.