Edge of Frame at SLEEPCENTER

Edge of Frame at SLEEPCENTER
Curated by Edwin Rostron
Thursday 7th June 2018

Still from Soft Body Goal (2017) by Jaakko Pallasvuo

This programme of contemporary and historical experimental animation was specially selected to accompany Ian Gouldstone’s exhibition IN THE SHADE BUT NOT THE SHADOW at SLEEPCENTER. Whist originating in a wide range of different media and contexts, and utilising languages of abstraction, drama and documentary, often within the same film, the films in this programme each connect to ideas and processes in Ian’s work in diverse and compelling ways.

SLEEPCENTER, located on the harmonious Monroe street of Chinatown, New York, is a safe house/experimental lab for art and ideas that provides local communities and international audiences with a forum for cultural dialogue.


Kim Laughton
3’00 China 2016

Tap Water
Lilli Carré
4’32 USA 2017

Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic
Annapurna Kumar
3’00 USA 2017

Amy Lockhart
1’33 USA 2013

Soft Body Goal
Jaakko Pallasvuo
3’37 Finland 2017

Alan Warburton
3’03 UK 2003

Natalia Stuyk
3’30 UK 2017

Sam Gurry
8’17 USA 2017

Max Planck
Jonathan Gillie
2’50 UK 2017

Dry Standpipe
Wojciech Bąkowski
12’09 Poland 2012

Machine for Living – Créteil
Sabrina Ratté
4’12 Canada 2017

Wasteland no. 1: Ardent, Verdant
Jodie Mack
4’00 USA 2017

Two Space
Larry Cuba
8’00 USA 1979