Edge of Frame at LIAF 2017

Still from Rotting Artist (2002) by Ann Course and Paul Clark

Edge of Frame at London International Animation Festival 2017
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December at Close-Up Film Centre

Edge of Frame returns to LIAF with three new programmes of experimental and independent animation, featuring contemporary and historical work from the UK and around the world. In these post-truth, post-apocalyptic times animation has never felt like a more appropriate or relevant medium to describe the world around us. The films in these programmes address themes of communication breakdown, the limits of language, virtual landscapes, man-made disasters, technology and the environment, and feature a wide range of approaches to animation including drawing, printing, cut-outs, CG and the incorporation of digital video, found footage and 16mm film.


You, Me, Them
7:30pm Saturday 2nd December   

After Nature (Part One)
6:00pm Sunday 3rd December  

After Nature (Part Two)
8:00pm Sunday 3rd December  

London International Animation Festival
Close-Up Film Centre

Still from 601 Revir Drive (2017) by Josh Weissbach

Still from Big Surf (2017) by Brian Smee