Circumstantial Pleasures by Lewis Klahr

Circumstantial Pleasures by Lewis Klahr (UK Premiere)
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5pm Sunday 29th November 2020
(viewable for 48 hours)
Part of London International Animation Festival 2020

Followed by a post-screening discussion with the Director Lewis Klahr and Edge of Frame‘s Edwin Rostron.

Part of London International Animation Festival 2020

Edge of Frame presents the UK premiere of Circumstantial Pleasures, the latest work from acclaimed collagist and experimental filmmaker Lewis Klahr. Seven years in the making, Klahr’s dystopian six-film cycle couldn’t be more attuned to the present moment, and the swirling paranoia and rapid change of the preceding decade. With a hard-edged clarity and eye popping colour, and accompanied by music from David Rosenboom, Tom Recchion and Scott Walker, Klahr’s film cycle is a profound and unsettling evocation of our contemporary experience.

Leaving the seductive mid-century imagery that Lewis Klahr’s best known for far behind, Circumstantial Pleasures looks at the raw materials of contemporary life and distills them into a demanding and powerful work of anxiety, alienation, agitation, and abrasion. The film consists of six short works (ranging from two to 22 minutes) that convey the experience of being alive in the 21st century in ways that few other films have.
– Chris Stults, Wexner Center for the Arts

In my 20’s, as Collage emerged as my primary form of expression, my use of outmoded source materials in my films to explore the pastness of the present was always front and center… I always knew I would at some point create a feature length series of films that used largely contemporary images to explore the current zeitgeist. Beginning in 2012, Circumstantial Pleasures gradually developed into that work.
– Lewis Klahr


Circumstantial Pleasures (Lewis Klahr, 2012-2019)
(USA, 65’00)
A feature length series comprised of 6 separate films:

Still from Circumstantial Pleasures (2012-19) by Lewis Klahr

Capitalist Roaders (Lewis Klahr, 2016)
(USA, 18’00)

Ramification Lesions (Microbial Stress) (Lewis Klahr, 2019)
(USA, 6’32) 
Ratchet The Margin (Lewis Klahr, 2016)
(USA, 6’46) 
Virulent Capital (Lewis Klahr, 2018)
(USA, 8’43) 
High Rise (Lewis Klahr, 2016)
(USA, 2’00)
Circumstantial Pleasures (Lewis Klahr, 2019)
(USA, 22’13)

Still from Circumstantial Pleasures (2012-19) by Lewis Klahr

Lewis Klahr has been making films since 1977. He is known for his uniquely idiosyncratic films, which use found images and sound to explore the intersection of memory and history. Klahr’s films have screened extensively in the United States, Europe and Asia – in venues such as New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Biennial, the New York Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Tate Modern, the Pompidou Center, Redcat and the LA County Museum of Art. 

Lewis Klahr lives in Los Angeles and teaches full time in the Theater School of the California Institute of the Arts.

Lewis Klahr’s work is represented by The Anthony Reynolds Gallery in London, UK. 

Still from Circumstantial Pleasures (2012-19) by Lewis Klahr

One of three Edge of Frame screenings at London International Animation Festival 2020

With Special Thanks to Arts Council England