After Nature (Part Two)

Still from The Mess (2015) by Peter Burr

Edge of Frame: After Nature (Part Two)
8:00pm Sunday 3rd December 2017
Close-Up Film Centre
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Part of London International Animation Festival 2017

After Nature (Part Two) explores ideas of landscape and technology, and the merging of the real and the virtual. These speculative visions of constructed, post-human worlds employ computer generated animation alongside live action video, 16mm and found footage. There are powerful resonances between these simulated environments and our present day social and political reality, where the line between real and unreal is constantly called into question and dystopic science fiction is indistinguishable from current affairs. After Nature is a two-part programme featuring works engaged with ideas of technology and the environment. Information on Part One here.

One of three Edge of Frame screenings at London International Animation Festival 2017.


Kim Laughton
3’00 | China | 2016

Sitting in Darkness
Graeme Arnfield
15’30 | UK | 2015

The Mess
Peter Burr
14’00 | USA | 2016

Ben Balcom
17’30 | USA | 2016

Time We Have
Sara Ludy
6’00 | USA | 2017

Tinne Zenner
16’00 | Portugal/Denmark | 2017 | 16mm Print

Still from Time We Have (2017) by Sara Ludy