After Nature (Part One)

Still from Wasteland no. 1: Ardent, Verdant (2017) by Jodie Mack

Edge of Frame: After Nature (Part One)
6:00pm Sunday 3rd December 2017
Close-Up Film Centre
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Part of London International Animation Festival 2017

After Nature is a two-part programme featuring works engaged with ideas of technology and the environment. Part One is a selection of films responding to man-made waste, disasters and ecological catastrophe. These seven experimental animations take inspiration from real life events and imagined futures, approaching them from unexpected angles and with a myriad of techniques, from charcoal drawing to CG, from cut-outs to intensely layered video footage. Information on Part Two here.

One of three Edge of Frame screenings at London International Animation Festival 2017.


Wasteland no. 1: Ardent, Verdant
Jodie Mack
4’00 | USA | 2017 | 16mm Print

Naoyuki Tsuji
8’00 | Japan | 2016 | 16mm Print

Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic
Annapurna Kumar
3’00 | USA | 2017

Big Surf
Brian Smee
8’00 | USA | 2017

Glass Gardens
Lisa Crafts
7’00 | USA | 1982

David O’Reilly
11’00 | Ireland/USA | 2017

Makino Takashi
30’00 | Japan | 2012

Still from Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic (2017) by Annapurna Kumar